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We are Indonesian Konjac Supplier, provides a variety of konjac products originating from native plantations in Indonesia. It has passed international standardization so that it is suitable for export needs

About Us

We are the largets and most trusted Konjac supplier in Indonesia. We manage more than 100 hectares of konjac land with the best care. We supply various variants of Konjac ranging from base, roots, chips and powder or konjac flour


Our Office Located in Jl. Haji Nilam, Cikarang

Our Plantation Located in Nganjuk, East Java

Origin of Port : Tanjung Perak, Port

Konjac Indonesia
Chips Oven Konjac

Konjac Chips is cut into chips after going through a process of sanitation and heating through oven

Konjac that has been dried, mashed, fractionated, and neutralized using ethanol to eliminate calcium oxalate levels. Very pure and without any mixture

Konjac Chips is cut into chips after going through a process of sanitation and heating through sunlight

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What Make Us Special?

Packaging & Storage

We use standarize packing for export and import (hydraulic vakuum packaging)

Warehouse Service

Our storage can manage up to 90 ton capacity / month

Delivery Services

We coordinate with more than 50 3PL logistics national and international. So you can be sure that your product delivered safely

Why Choose Us?

Our Konjac product has best value of moisture (12% – 14%), with thickness 0.5 cm – 1 cm (custom) and uses hydraulic press packaging

international standard

Our products are guaranteed best with international standards so that export quality is guaranteed.

big production capacity

We can produce 90 tons of metrics production per month and keep increasing


The prices of our products are the cheapest in the market. Ranges start from $0.3 / kg - $4.2 / kg (exwork)


Your konjac is safe with our professional delivery! With professional packaging with standarized PP bags and professional material handling. You can be sure that your konjacs will be handed to you in perfect condition

Konjac shipping process.
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Meet Our Founder

Paskalis was born in Jakarta in 1992 and continued his education at Diponegoro University. Currently working as an entrepreneur in the field of export-import as well as financial and business consulting
Rafli was born in Jepara in 1992. He continued his education at Diponegoro University majoring in Industrial Engineering. Currently also holds a position as middle management logistics in one of the international 3PL companies