Konjac Base

Konjac is a tuber native to Indonesia with physical characteristics of broad leaves with pointed ends, smooth bark with green and white colors, and has yellowish fine fibrous tubers.

And this time we will discuss more specifialically the four benefits in everday life.And this is why konjac is so useful

1.As an environmentally Friendly Glue

The glue produced by Konjac is very natural and environmentally friendly, plus the glue material is very good for adhesives

2.Medicinal Ingredients

The content off KGM contained is the plant turns out to be useful for the world of health, which can be used as an ingredient for forming drug capsules. And more specifically for gluing drug capsules or other drugs

3.Electrical Insulator

This may be impossible but it is real. Glucomannan from this plant in the form of a gel can be a substitute for silicone gel.Silicone gels are great for preventing the conduction of electricity as well as heat, making them an equall good substitute

4.Ice Cream Thickener

Does anyone like ice cream here? Konjac can be useful in ice cream. That is as a thickencning agent, because it is the flour content that functions to thicken ice cream

Be gatreful. Because konjac ice cream won’t melt quickly


Konjac has various benefits in everyday life. Although in this article only 4 are mentioned, but the other benefits are many

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