frozen konjac

That phrase is not a phrase that I made up because I took the phrase from a product made from konjac in Japan called frozen konjac. The frozen konjac product is called “Tsuya no Tama” which means Ball of Radiance.

A Brief History

Frozen konjac is a cosmetic product that is currently very popular among Japanese women. Even until the end of March 2021, Hatanaka Yoshizaku Shoten Co, a producer of frozen konjac, has already been inundated with 600,000 orders.

This is due to the increasing number of people who complain about their rough skin due to the intensive use of masks during the pandemic.

But, what is frozen konjac?

Frozen konjac is a processed product from a plant native to Indonesia, namely konjac (iles-iles). Frozen konjac is made from konjac chips that are washed in water to remove the calcium oxalate content, and then repeatedly frozen until they have a sponge-like texture. After that, it was dried in the sun for 10 days and washed.

Because frozen konjac is made from continuous natural processes. Frozen konjac is very safe to use. The product is very rare and the price is very expensive. Until this September 2021, frozen konjac is still flooded with orders and even closed the order line to various countries

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