Main staple foods of most people in Asian is rice. Commonly rice included with 3 meal a day. But we know the white rice have high enough sugar content that can cause various diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attack, etc.

Many people switching the white rice to brown rice. But brown rice has a rough texture and not suitable with some dishes. There are other options if you don’t like brown rice, namely shirataki rice.

What makes the Shirataki Rice special?

Shirataki Rice

Shirataki rice is come from Japan that produce from Konjac. Konjac is one of the root plants. Japanese women usually eat as staple food to maintain a healthy body.

The high fiber content on it have some benefits for the health such as losing weight, lower cholesterol, and lowering high blood pressure. Eventhough the fiber content is high, it is very low in carbohydrates, calories, and sugar.

Shirataki Rice has solid texture and more springy. With low sugar, this rice has no taste. It is right to choice it as substitution for white rice because it can suitable with some dishes.

Although it is low calories, you must do any exercise and change your lifestyle to get maximum result. You must balancing what you consume and physical activity everyday

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